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Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Nadiya (pronounced “Na-dee-yah”). I am the founder of You Better Hair Care!, a proud mother, a Philadelphia native, and a former stylist who’s obsessed with protective styles!

Like many women, I lead a very busy lifestyle. As a full-time banking money manager by day and entrepreneur by night, wearing a protective style allows me the diversity to express my authentic personality! It’s also the perfect solution to a healthy hair journey. I have delicate, fine, natural hair strands, and less manipulation tucking my hair under a wig, into box braids, or braided down for a sew-in weave affords me the confidence and convenience to get up and go!

Xo, Nadiya

Our Story

Our Story

For 6 + years, I’ve had the pleasure of styling countless clients from the comfort of my home. My clients trusted me to educate, create beautiful hairstyles and of course, LISTEN.

Our journey started in 2018, when a client curiously asked “Can I wash this hair?”, to which I’d respond: “Girl, You Better”! We believe “wash it before you wear it” and your hair extensions are no different. Pre or post cleaning your hair extensions is a necessary step helping to prevent common issues while wearing protective styles.

So with this mission, from my Philadelphia apartment, with plenty of trials and errors our unique original product was born, Bundle Bath Bomb™.




You Better Hair Care! honors women worldwide who are fighting against breast cancer and suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Dedicated to my #1 client, favorite cousin, and bonafide bossy best friend, Shavon Murrell, a.k.a. “Voni,” who lost her battle with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in January 2022. We’ve personally crowned her the protective style princess! Shavon confidently wore wigs or what she’d call her “old faithful” or “baldy” with pride.

We recognize the importance of wigs and headcovers within this community. That’s why we actively support breast cancer organizations for women who are battling or have lost their battle with breast cancer. We also honor Shavon’s young children, Chayse (Bud) and Carsyn (Buttercup).


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